WestPeak Research Donated $500

WestPeak Research Association (“WPRA”) has donated $500 to support the Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Association (“PPTRA”).

WPRA is a student run capital markets group that aims to create quality equity research while enriching the education of its members through active peer mentorship and structured training seminars. WPRA was started in the hopes of bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace. Through peer mentorship and professional seminars, we seek to prepare our members with the necessary skills required for success in the capital markets industry.

“Through our publishing of equity research reports online, WPRA generates excess funds beyond those which are required to operate the association. It has been a goal of WPRA since incorporation to support an organization in the community which shares similar goals—including community, inspiration, and personal growth. We believe that PPTRA holds all of these values close to heart,” said Keegan Taberner, Co-Director of WPRA.

PPTRA offers equine assisted and riding therapy programs developed especially for children and adults aged 3 years and older who are faced with life challenges. The programs help improve gross and fine motor skills, builds self-esteem, improves social interaction and empathy, lowers stress levels, and provides countless opportunities for success. A progressive, goal-oriented lesson planning along with an empathetic and respectful approach towards the riders helps to nurture the learning process.

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